Yahoo! Search

The Yahoo! Search API ( is a RESTful one. I’ll now show how to use the Yahoo! Search API.

You need an application ID, which you get from here:

You can see your registered apps here:

Yahoo! has an authentication system called BBAuth:

In the authentication system, there is a single ­sign-­on option. For this example, I signed up for the ability to do single ­sign-­on, for which I needed to state an application endpoint:

Once you have registered your application, you can get an application ID and a shared secret.

Now, let’s do a web search that doesn’t require any authentication. Consulting the documentation ( and specifically the classic web search documentation (, you can see a sample query:

If you substitute your own API key and search for flower, you’ll come up with the following query:

An excerpt of the search results follows:

           <Title>1-800-FLOWERS.COM - Official Site</Title>
           <Summary>1-800-Flowers delivers flowers and floral arrangements, gift baskets,Â
             gourmet treats, or other presents for anniversaries, birthdays, and specialÂ
             occasions. Order online, over the phone, or by visiting a store location.
           <Url></Url> <ClickUrl>Â

The parameters for this RESTful interface are documented here:

I find it interesting that there is a published W3C XML Schema published for the response:

There are also API Kits for Yahoo! Search; you may find one for your favorite language. They are ­BSD-­licensed:

Yahoo! Images

The documentation for Yahoo!’s image search is at the following location:

Note the sample search:


You can substitute your own key and search term. For example, you can use this:


and receive an XML response similar to the following:

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <ResultSet xmlns:xsi=""
              totalResultsAvailable="5446610" totalResultsReturned="2" firstResultPosition="1">
                <Summary>Sunshine Flower Sunday, 14 Nov 2004 | Disneyland , Flora A flower takenÂ
            at Disney's California Adventure. Nikon D100 | 50mm f/1.4 D | 50mm | 1/250 sec |Â
            f/2.5 | ISO 200 | 26 Jun 2004</Summary>

Yahoo! Local Search has a similar architecture: