You can use microformats and RDFa to embed data into the ­human-­readable contexts of (X)HTML. In this chapter, you looked at instances of microformats that you can find “in the wild” (such as on and ones that you can craft as simple examples, and you learned about how you can use microformats to embed data (such as contact information, addresses, geolocations, bookmarks, tags, and licenses) into (X)HTML. Microformats tend to follow certain common design patterns (that is, use class attributes or use the rel attribute) and are adapted from existing standards (such as iCalendar and vCard).

In this chapter, you learned how to use the Operator Firefox extension to work with microformats, including extracting them from web pages and invoking actions on them. You saw how these Operator actions enact simple mashups that move data from any web site with embedded microformats to another web site.