Other Mashup Tools

Many other tools are designed to help in creating mashups. There are so many mashup tools to look at—more than I can do justice to here. Table 11-1 lists a number of them along with a brief description and a URL for how you can learn more. Some use ­browser-­based interfaces, while others are desktop tools. Some focus on specific aspects of creating mashups, while others aim to be a unifying framework.

Table 11.1. Table 11-1. Other Mashup Tools
Name Description URL
Apatar Open source software designed for http://www.apatar.com/product.html? business users and programmers to ? integrate data sources and formats
BEA AquaLogic Browser-based tools for authoring http://www.bea.com/framework.?Pages web pages and web applications ?jsp?CNT=index.jsp&FP=/content/ products/aqualogic/pages/
Bungee Connect Browser-based environment for http://www.bungeelabs.com/? building web applications
Chickenfoot Firefox extension (similar to http://groups.csail.mit.edu/uid/? Greasemonkey) that allows users to chickenfoot/index.php? write scripts to “manipulate web ? pages and automate web browsing”
Coghead Browser-based GUI for creating and http://www.coghead.com/? hosting business applications
CoScripter Firefox extension “that automates the http://services.alphaworks.ibm.com/? process of recording and playing coscripter/browse/about? back processes”
Dapper Browser-based GUI for producing ­ http://www.dapper.net? screen-­scrapers that output Atom, ? RSS, Google Maps, and other formats
Data Mashups Browser-based GUI to create custom http://datamashups.com/?Online Service business applications, especially for ? mashing up data and web services
Denodo data A platform focused on creating new http://www.denodo.com/?mashup business services by integrating ? existing data
Extensio A platform for data extraction, http://www.extensio.com/? integration, and delivery