Analysis of ­Trade-­Offs in Using GME and Yahoo! Pipes

Now that you have created mashups of Flickr and Google Maps using both specialized mashup tools (a combination of the GME and Yahoo! Pipes) and ­general-­purpose web programming techniques (PHP and JavaScript), let’s compare these two approaches. First, consider that the GME and Yahoo! Pipes provide the following to you as a developer:

There are, of course, ­trade-­offs you make by using the GME, Yahoo! Pipes, and possibly other ­third-­party tools:

There are a couple of things that it would be nice to get from Yahoo! Pipes and the GME:

I think a measure of success for tools such as the GME and Yahoo! Pipes is the degree to which they let you easily build applications for a specific purpose; and these are applications that you don’t even mind throwing away after a single use because they were so easy to write. By this measure, the GME and Yahoo! Pipes moves you toward tools to create such apps. I think that the GME and Yahoo! Pipes makes it easier for programmers to create certain types of mashups, though it’s not so clear whether they open up mashup development for a nonprogramming audience.