The social-­bookmarking site is a deeply influential site, credited by many for jump-­starting the immense amount of activity around tagging.

The main resources of importance in ( are bookmarks, that is, URLs. You can associate tags with a given URL and look at an individual’s collection of URLs and the tags they use. In this section, I again explain the URL structures by browsing through the site and noting the corresponding URLs.

You can look at the public bookmarks for a specific user (such as rdhyee) here:{user-id}

For example:

You can see all the bookmarks of a user by tag here:{user-id}/{tag}

For example:

You can see all the URLs that people have tagged with a given tag here:{tag}

You can see just the popular URLs associated with the tag here:{tag}

You can access today’s popular items here:

You can access just the newest popular ones here:

Correlating a URL to a page is a bit trickier. Consider the following URL:

which you can reference from here:

So, how do you get 53113b15b14c90292a02c24b55c316e5 from The answer is that the identifier is an md5 hash of the URL. In Python, the following line of code:"").hexdigest()

or the following PHP code:

          $url = "";
          print md5($url);

yields 53113b15b14c90292a02c24b55c316e5.

Note that the following:

also does work and redirects to the following: